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576 Keeping Sabbath March, 2016

We enter a cathedral at sun set. Smell the incense? Diving into Holiness. Drawing deep breaths in the depths. Buoyed prayers, as bubbles, rise through the sacredness of the seventh day sea. Then, at next sun set, wine becomes water … Continue reading

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575 Like theatre-Love life March 5, 2016

I’ve acted, community theatre, hobby, fun, creative, intense. The Devil in THE DEVIL AND DANIEL WEBSTER. Ammundson in TERRA NOVA. The old man in PRELUDE TO A KISS. Sir Toby Belch In TWELFTH NIGHT. I’ve directed, community theatre, hobby, fun, … Continue reading

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574 The City Jan. 14, 2016!!!!!!!!!!!!

New York isn’t a city. It’s a quilted tapestry of neighboring pieces bordered in blacktop stitches sewn first by native hands, then the hands of early colonial quilters continuing on into some future when the last bee is finished, the … Continue reading

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573 Marley’s Ghost 12-29-15

Jacob Marley was dead. Dickens was sure. But the book was so short, he could not get the whole of it. Jacob came back – from Jamaica- as Bob Marley’s cousin singing Reggae and a little bit of “Don’t worry. … Continue reading

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572 The good, the bad, the cops 12-28-15

It’s cops against bad guys- sometimes. Sometimes cops are bad guys, bad guys, just guys. Sometimes cops are just. Bad guys are bad guys. But, bullets are always bullets, blood is always, blood.

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571 Knee Jerk 12-23-15

A young, black, male, 19, maybe. orange cap covered by a hoody, long shorts, orange sneakers, jives down the street, Jammin’ with his music. I”m stuck at a red light as he sidewalk dances by. I used to smile at … Continue reading

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570 How Evil does prosper! 12-23-15

The Papal miter. The Yalmakha on the bald spot. The Mecca facing rug. The white collard preacher. These are the trappings of belief. Calling the faithful to prayer. Kissing the Torah scrolls. The Sunday sermon. The Communion chimes. These are … Continue reading

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569 December Discernment 12-13-15

In those few moments before the not-really-dark-enough for “can’t see my hand in front of my face” lightlessness almost conquers dusks gray, adding shades to shades of night, but not quite, when, there, on the surface of the irrigation pond … Continue reading

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568 Blind sided Dec. 8, 2015

Pity the people who no longer see purpose in the poetic. Paralized by prose, locked in logic, they don’t get the gist of the small, dark cloud on the horizon racing toward them with the blinding speed of a fist.

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567 10 and 1 Nov. 30, 2015

Last night, The New England Patriots, 10 and 0 as of yesterday morning, lost. Tom Brady lost. Tight end Gronkowski carted off the field with a destroyed knee. All this tragedy perped by Denver Broncos, minus Paton Manning!!! The aging … Continue reading

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