843 as we watched the heron swallow 7-5-19

The sunny slid down the great blue gullet.
Not a smooth slide,
more choke than swallow,
but not a fatal gag,
rather like a bad joke
botched by an amateur comedian,
stammered and stuttered on open-mic-night
down the street at the local bar.


we watched in hypnotic fascination
until the fish was gone.

The heron had fished the pond,
a hungry hunter in his private preserve
and truth be told,
we were not quite unwitting accomplice
to the deed.
We were innocents feeding turtles
with store-bought food,
attracting a family of Box
and a school of Sunny.

Into a shallow pool they swam,
following the floating food
near the safe, deadly shore.

Then the Heron came,
stalking in the muck on twiggy legs,
all focused yellow eyes,
patient as Lucifer on a soul hunt,
playing a variant of the old sport,
“spearing the sunny’s in the shallows.”

no one forced the sunny into that
aquatic killing field.
He might have finned away,

but for gluttony…

So the heron had his day.
Fortune had her say.
The sunny became the prey.

On he swam with a death wish.
Fulfilling his fate,
becoming the fish
the heron ate.

About Ken Greenman

Married and Happy. Retired and busy. Living in NC. 71 and counting. December 12, 2020 and it's 72! ... I would love some written comments, critiques, adulation or kind suggestions.... If you have the time and or inclination, please feel free! Not in fear but by faith. We will see. See you later! If you ever want to talk for real, email me and I will send you my cell number.... I am enjoying this!
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