THE RUSSIANS ARE COMING. (the Gods will it to be, so it will be) 7-27-19

The following has nothing to do with poetry. It is going to be an essay when it is done. I may post it on FaceBook when I am finished. Maybe. I will try to organize my thoughts and make a few points. I am typing this on my poetry-blog because for the first time in my life, I can type my thoughts as they come and if I hand write this, it will be tooooo slow. And I have no where else to put it. So, here we go:

This has less to do with POTEMPKEN and more to do with ROLLERBALL.

I bet you that if 100 Americans were asked the following question, 95 would come up with the wrong answer:

” Why are the Russians interfering with American elections?”

Some will answer “To further develop a Communist agenda in the world”. Some will answer “To give Russia more world power and control over other countries.” Some will answer, “To strengthen Putins power over the world.”

None of these answers are right.

The Communist ideal expressed as a political-economic-manifesto in the USSR is now a dead horse. As developed in the now defunct USSR, it has no followers in any serious nation in the world, much less any real political player in any important country. Mohammad has more influence in todays world than Marx ever had. Russia and Russian leaders are no longer motivated by the will to expand the Communist Manifesto. Communist ideology fell when the Berlin Wall fell and Boris Yelsen stood on a tank and said, “It’s over.”

Russia is an Oligarchy:

A system of political power based not on democratic values and votes, or “all power to the workers”. Rather it is a system based on the accumulated wealth and power of rich industrial barons who exercise their will- at their will – regardless of the wishes or needs of the people or the wishes or decisions of any so-called elected political officials. It has no wish to dominate the world as a political system. It only wants to make money for the business. This is its only motive. IT HAS NO OTHER GOAL, except that it uses what ever means at its disposal to achieve its only goal. And often, those “means” are politicians and political systems.

The truth behind Putin is that he is not a political leader. He is a lobbist. The question is not “what does Putin want?” It is “Who does Putin work for and what do THEY want?” He is an excellent roller skater, a Russian James Caan, but someone else pays his salary and he is beholden to them.

The speed at which this happened in “USSR-Russia” from the late 1980’s to the present is mind boggling. A mostly non-violent change in a political system as big and powerful as the USSR was should have taken decades. Instead, it took a few years, leaving a massive country stretching across a third of the globe casting about for a “reason to be”. With no prior history of democracy, it sped from a Czar in the Winter Palace to totalitarian-communism through a brief flicker of democratic-capitalism to a modern feudal structure with leadership and decisions coming from an industrial Olympus and a few fabulously rich industrial leaders in charge of an otherwise shattered system made up of millions of bewildered head-spinning citizens whose thoughts ranged from a longing for a return of a “new Stalin” to “how can I get in on this “lets make a deal” system. All it took was for a puppet like Putin, connected to and financed by the super wealthy, to rise up from the wreckage, and we have the new Russia.

And now, added to this, is an eruption of long simmering volcanoes in the United States and most recently, in Great Britain. Brexit-Boris and Trump are manifestations of the same power-rise as Putin. The puppet-masters of the world are pulling one set of strings and the political leaders and systems of (for now) three of the greatest powers in the world are dancing the same dance. (Given history, beware turmoil in Germany)

The world wide Oligarchy has an agenda.

So, it interferes in political systems in the world to advance that agenda.

And the political leaders of nations dance to Its tune.

Thus, there will be no concerted effort in the USA to prevent Russian interference in the 2020 elections. Senate Republicans will be silent. (Nobody in their right minds second guesses the Boss.) The House will be glad to have avoided another government shutdown. (Gotta keep the system going). There will be no attempt to prevent Brexit. (A united Europe is too great a threat to Olympus). There will be no move to stop the Debt-Ceiling-Caps moves in the next two years in the USA, (at least) until the elections are over and Generation-Z wakes up after President Trumps second victory (and quite possibly not his last) to find itself saddled with a national economic debt that makes all past debts seem like savings accounts.

Any change is dangerous to the bottom line, even climate change. Stay the course. “Lobby” is the system.

My father was a member of the American Communist Party. He campaigned for Gus Hall. And, he believed in the conspiracy of the power of the rich-few behind everything, even Moscow. I thought he was politically naive and a little over the top. I am 70 now. Dad is dead. The Iron Curtain is a pile of rust. Trump is POTUS. And the power behind the games of thrones remains the same.

The answer to the question is simple. The Oligarchy wills it to be so. The iron ball keeps rolling around the circle.

Dad was nuts and right.

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Married and Happy. Retired and busy. Living in NC. 71 and counting. December 12, 2020 and it's 72! ... I would love some written comments, critiques, adulation or kind suggestions.... If you have the time and or inclination, please feel free! Not in fear but by faith. We will see. See you later! If you ever want to talk for real, email me and I will send you my cell number.... I am enjoying this!
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