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863 Food Fight ! 9-21-19

In my back yard, there’s a strip of lawn, ten feet wide, fifty feet long. It’s a feeding zone where, during the years Nancy and I have lived here, we have fed the birds and animals suet, meley-worms, black-oil-sunflower-seeds, sugar-water, … Continue reading

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862 Breakfast is the most important meal… 9-21-19

I’m offering a suggestion to help you become a better runner in the human race to get laid: Create a long menu of delicious breakfasts. – A dozen different omelettes . (Shrimp and crap with mushrooms and Swiss is one … Continue reading

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861 So, When Dorian Came… 9-5-19

I’ve always been the one outside, playing in the storm. A blizzard in January? I’d be digging tunnels through ten-foot-drifts in the boat yards on City Island, tromping through thigh-high-snow, X-country skiing in knee-deep-deep-woods-powder, my Golden Retrieve, like a schooner … Continue reading

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