886 Closing Prayer 02-15-2020

in Heaven and on earth,

all the Names
You have chosen to be called
are Holy.

Your Kingdom is
and is here in us,

Your Divine-Benevolent-Will
is being carried out on earth,
and in our lives
just as it is in Heaven
and in the heavens.

Forgive me for my sins
(which are Legion)
while I try to forgive those
who sin against me.

Help us to finally pay our debts
by miraculously winning the Lottery
or through patient frugality.

Test me,
if it is Your Will
and grant me the faith and the wisdom
to grow stronger by Your testing.
Or, if it is Your Will,
let those tests pass me by.

not my will,
but Your Will be done.

I am praying these things to You
because the universe is Your kingdom
and You have the power
to sustain it and us,
so to You goes all the glory,


the direction of my souls journey,
the meditation of my mind,
the words from my heart,
the health and fitness of my body
be according to Your Will and acceptable to You.

Nancy and I both hear,
at the end of our journeys here,
“Well done, good and faithful believers!
Enter now into the joy of your Creator!”

we find a home
in the House of the Lord


About Ken Greenman

Married and Happy. Retired and busy. Living in NC. 71 and counting. December 12, 2020 and it's 72! ... I would love some written comments, critiques, adulation or kind suggestions.... If you have the time and or inclination, please feel free! Not in fear but by faith. We will see. See you later! If you ever want to talk for real, email me and I will send you my cell number.... I am enjoying this!
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