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919 Christal’s Post 07-22-2020

A Facebook post from Christal asks for directions, not to somewhere, rather where somewhere is: North. Needing that spot in space to catch a comet coming by every 6,800 years! She didn’t want to miss it, on this try. Christal … Continue reading

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918 Damn Harpy On My Mailbox! 07-19-20

Sitting at breakfast, eating my habitual bowl of Cherrios mixed with grains and nuts and berries, (like the animal food I used to buy for a nickel a bag at the Bronx Zoo when I was a wandering little kid … Continue reading

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917 So Saith Ol’ Scratch 07-05-2020

“That’s right! There ain’t nuthin’ wrong with sittin’ on a swing, swung from a live-oak-tree, swingin’ in the shade on a hot summer’s day whether chores be done or not! That’s right, chil’, ‘course you ain’t hurtin’ no body! There … Continue reading

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