These are my poems for you to read and hopefully enjoy.

If you want to copy any for someone, feel free to do so.

If you are planning to make any money using one or more of the poems – Let’s Talk.

email: kdolphin48@aol.com

cell: 910-368-3922

Even if you just want to talk about the poems, feel free to call or write.


Ken Greenman

11 Responses to HOME

  1. Antonio Reyes says:

    Well, Ken. I will read your poems. I see your phone and your email. Since I’ve messaged you on Facebook and have never heard back from you, I’m not sure when or if I will write or call. Still, I will read your poems to see if I can recall your voice. I’m thinking the cabin was Vermont.

  2. Dushka ramic says:

    Ken, I am enjoying slowly reading your poems. I am glad that you are sharing it with us. Thanks!

  3. Raquel Gonzalez Colom says:

    Hey Ken… It’s been a very VERY long time… Bet you hear that a lot. Would like to say thank you for sharing your poems. Glad you are venturing out into the cyber world …the fastest way to get your message out to the masses😊 Stay well☀️
    Raquel Gonzalez Colom

  4. Shirley Kinsman Shaffer says:

    Ken, I kind of wandered into your site via Evonne Baasch and am looking forward to reading the poems. I remember an award-winning play you wrote long ago about The Waiting. I’m going to look on YouTube and see if Almost Maine is there… God bless you and carry on! ( I love your smokin’ poem about making the bed…)

    • Ken Greenman says:

      thanks for taking the time to comment. this process is one of the many joys in my retired life! ken

    • Ken Greenman says:

      Hi! Seen any more poems you like? I like your Additive “smoking”! Still writing and reading. Still enjoying all of it. how is Evonne doing? I gather from FB that it’s been a tough road for her lately….. Send her my greetings. Thanks for reading. ken

  5. Yolande says:

    Thank you for sharing. I will be going through your poems. I will also reach out and share a couple of mine.

  6. JoAnna says:

    Hi Ken. It was nice meeting you. Did I see something on here about your birthday being 12/12? That’s mine, too. Seriously. If you had more categories, maybe I could find your Squirrels in Assisi poem and share it in a re-blog if you like. Of course I can always go looking for it. 🙂

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